Before placing an order, make sure you carefully review our shipping policy. In all circumstances, once the product has been shipped after placing an order, it cannot be reversed (canceled or exchanged). But, in case your shipment has not been dispatched, you can reverse the order by making a cancellation.

Once you cancel, the return will be made via the same account you used to first place an order.

The following are our shipping policies with respect to all our products.

Easy Shipping & Returns

At 5Seconds, we understand that your shopping experience doesn't end when you click "purchase." That's why we've crafted a hassle-free Shipping & Returns policy to ensure your peace of mind.

  • Shipping Made Simple:

Enjoy swift and reliable shipping with every order. We strive to dispatch your items within 3-7 business days, and you can track your package every step of the way. Whether you're across town or across the globe, we've got you covered.

  • Easy Returns, No Questions Asked:

We stand behind the quality of our products, but we get it – sometimes things just don't work out. Our hassle-free return process makes it easy for you to return or refund items within 3-5 business days of receiving your order. No need to jump through hoops or answer a laundry list of questions. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Delivery Days

Our effort is to make the products reach you as fast as possible, when the order placed before 2 PM EST will be shipped the same day and which may usually take 3-7 business days, depending on the location you are located in. If the order is placed after 2 PM EST, the product will be shipped the next business day. Even if you place an order via our ‘express delivery’ system, Saturdays and Sundays will not be included as delivery days.

Please note that once the consignment is in transit, you will not be able to make any changes in the order such as modification or cancellation.

Address & Authorization upon Delivery

All the orders shipped will require a physical street address for accurate delivery. The shipping address placed with PO BOX only will be ineligible for delivery by UPS and for which you will have to incur additional charges. In any case, we do not take responsibility for an incorrect address provided by you. Once the shipment has been dispatched as per the address provided by you, under no circumstances, the shipment will be redirected to any other address.

The consignment will need to be signed upon delivery. If it is signed by a person other than you (who placed the order), we take no responsibility for the product once it has reached the destination address provided by you. If the delivery fails for the first time due to any reason such as -- wrong address provided by you, the recipient of the consignment not available at the time of delivery or premises locked at the time of delivery. In such a situation, a second attempt shall be made with a delivery fee failing which, your consignment can be picked from the UPS within 5 days from the date of delivery.

Tracking Information

The tracking information will be provided to you in the email with all product details in the email.


During an emergency such as the occurrence of bad weather or natural calamity, 5Seconds Brand reserves the right to reschedule the delivery and you will be duly informed about the same. In such a situation, if you make a request for canceling the order and ask for a return or in conditions when the consignment has been shipped but not received due to reasons beyond our control, you will receive the credit into your account after an appropriate investigation.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Policy or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to individual rights and your Personal Information, you may do so via the contact form, send an email to or call us 470-799-4627 or write a letter to 1939 Parker Ct Suite E, Stone Mountain GA 30087

Welcome to 5 Seconds: Your Trusted Commercial Equipment Supplier!

As a leading commercial equipment supply company, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of products to various industries. Our vast inventory includes reliable and efficient equipment that meets the unique needs of businesses. And with many years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of high-quality equipment and its impact on productivity and efficiency.

Material Handling Equipment

At 5 Seconds, we offer a wide selection of material handling equipment designed to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Our pallet jacks are expertly crafted to handle heavy loads and minimize strain on your workforce. Whether you need to move pallets in a warehouse, stock room, or distribution center, our pallet jacks are the perfect solution for safe and effortless material handling.

Industrial Hand Dryers

We also specialize in industrial hand dryers that provide fast and hygienic drying options for any commercial space. Our hand dryers are designed to reduce waste, save energy, and promote optimal hygiene. With powerful drying capabilities, your patrons and employees will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our industrial hand dryers.

Shrink Wrap Materials

For secure transportation and storage, we supply high-quality shrink wrap materials. Our shrink wrap is durable, tear-resistant, and designed to protect your products against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. Whether you require shrink wrap for pallets, machinery, or other items, our products will ensure that your goods arrive safely and in perfect condition.

Touchless Dispensers

Cleanliness and germ control are crucial, especially in today's world. Our touchless dispensers are designed to promote hygiene and minimize the risk of cross-contamination. From soap dispensers to paper towel dispensers, our touchless options provide a convenient and sanitary solution for any commercial space. Trust us to provide reliable products that prioritize cleanliness and the well-being of your employees and customers.

Our Expert Team

At 5 Seconds, we believe that exceptional service goes beyond providing high-quality products. Our expert team is here to assist you in finding the perfect equipment for your specific needs. Whether you have questions about our products, need recommendations, or require assistance with installation, our knowledgeable team is always ready to help.

Contact 5 Seconds Today!

Ready to enhance your commercial space with reliable and efficient equipment? Then contact 5 Seconds today! Our comprehensive range of commercial equipment, including pallet jacks, industrial hand dryers, shrink wrap materials, and touchless dispensers, are guaranteed to meet your needs. So trust our years of experience and dedication to exceptional customer service, and let us help you find the perfect solutions for your business. Just contact us now and experience the 5 Seconds difference!

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